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Kevin Wallace

I really loved everything about your website.
The lessons, videos, music and tabs were awesome learning materials for anyone wanting to learn how to bucket drum.
Thank you for the wonderful experience, for making it easy to teach my students.
They thoroughly enjoyed every moment and it was largely thanks to you. 

Kevin Wallace
Jolanta Hoffmann

I loved ALL of your videos and so did the inner city kids I taught!
Keep on making them!

Jolanta Hoffmann

Sammy leading a bucket drumming workshop in El Salvador; 2015.

The Backstory

As a child, I was obsessed with rhythm. I would frequently get in trouble for tapping my pencil in class, but I couldn't stop. I felt compelled to transform that tap into something.

Before I owned a drum set, I would play on anything that was around, including buckets, tupper ware, pots, and my little brother.

I cannot recall a point in my life that I wasn't tapping, but I didn’t consider myself a natural. It took years of perseverance, plenty of practice, and educating myself every way I could to get to the point I am now. I've played in marching bands. I've performed with headliners all over the world. I've had the fortune of touring four different continents, yet my favorite part was teaching workshops on my favorite topic: music.

Music has been a huge asset to my life, and watching those discoveries in others is amazing. I was an elementary school teacher when I opted to use bucket drums with the kids, and it was a huge success. The movement had begun and an idea was formed.

Bucketdrumming.net is a one stop educational resource for individuals and educators to access lesson plans, video tutorials, sheet music and more. These supplies, available with membership, are for personal or professional use. With regularly updated lessons, outlined plans, and access to a like-minded community, success is inevitable. So is the fun.

Kevin Ogren

I teach music to grade 1-7 students in Port McNeill, BC Canada. This year I started a bucket drumming program, mainly due to the affordability of the “instruments”. 

The students instantly loved playing along with [your] videos and had fairly quick success playing well known songs. The site has an incredible amount of videos and downloads and is very well laid out.

I appreciate that Sammy uses traditional music staff and notation. I can have the students start to learn the rhythm patterns and counting and then when we progress to other instruments they already understand the rhythm concepts.

The program is also easy for me to leave notes for my substitute teachers when I’m away and even without musical knowledge the teacher can have the students carry on with playing along with Sammy.

My grade 6/7’s just performed a year-end concert, playing three of the cover songs from bucketdrumming.net and the whole school and parents loved it! Pompeii was an amazing finale!!!

Love this site!!! Highly recommend to any teacher trying to put some music and rhythm into their program.

Kevin Ogren

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20 Cover Songs (and counting)

Bibia Be Ye Ye - Ed Sheeran
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake
7 Nation Army - The White Stripes
Imagine - John Lennon
Rolling In The Deep - Adele
Come Together - The Beatles
Happy - Pharrell
When I'm Gone - (Cup Song)
Wipe Out - Safaris

11 Original Compositions (and counting)

Starting with Basic Quarter Note Pieces.

Builds to more Advanced Multi-Part Compositions.

Includes Sheet Music.

47 Beat Breakdowns (and counting)

Beginner - Advanced.

Teaches a rhythm in 3 or 4 steps.

Many different styles of rhythms.

Different time signatures.

8 SHOW OFF MOVES (and counting)

Stick Tricks and Twirls

Different Drum Rolls

Splits (Down the line)

Improvising Tricks


Getting Started Guide
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  • Getting Started GuideSample
  • Step By Step Curriculum
  • Pop Songs Simplified
  • Sheet Music with Standard Notation
  • Condensed & Edited Lessons
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • Get 2 Months Free
  • Total InvestmentFree


  • Getting Started Guide
  • Step By Step Curriculum
  • Pop Songs Simplified
  • Sheet Music with Standard Notation
  • Condensed & Edited Lessons
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • Get 2 Months Free
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Your site is one of the best resources I have found. We’re going to use the video you sent this morning!



Thank you! I enjoyed your website. Your great personality make it very fun and entertaining as well as educational. Keep up the good work! 🙂

K.B. (Elementary Teacher)

Hey Sammy, we started playing yesterday!  I was so nervous, not being a drummer, but I started like you showed using the right hand, then left, alternate, and together.  It worked well.

This was an exciting experience for me.


You're website is awesome. I teach k12 music, band and Orchestra... I use bucket drumming in replace of recorders with my fifth graders. My kids loved bucket drumming and the community loved watching it.  Thanks!


Let's Get Started!

Sammy,  You were able to show 75 kids a love for drumming that they never knew they had. It was evident from day one that you truly enjoy the art of drumming and teaching it to kids. Bucket drumming was the favorite activity of many this summer, including the adults. Your talent and passion for drumming is something I truly hope you continue to share with the world.

Brigid Mejia , Andy Rodick Foundation

You made it exactly how I had envisioned it would be! It was easy to follow and you were very engaging.

I know your video is going to work! Thank you so much for making it.

Your video was EXCELLENT because you always used right, left, top, rim or sides consistently.

I can use your video without having to interject those crucial directions myself. I was so excited when I finished watching it I actually went across the room and picked up  a bucket and some drum sticks and started the video over and played along with you.

Soooooo fun!