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Hey There!

I’m glad you made it! I’m Sammy, the founder of This site is an educational resource for individuals or educators looking to expand their rhythmic knowledge. I began to play at the age of 11, and it was love at first beat. It increased my focus and lowered my anxiety levels, and it’s also the best form of cardio. I played on my high school’s drum line.

I toured the world as a drummer/keyboardist/educator (8 different countries) and taught drum lessons and workshops since 2007. When I returned to my hometown of Austin and became an elementary music teacher, bucket drumming was the obvious choice. Supplies are cheap (or free), and very portable, and the same mental benefits are present.

When I noticed the increase in educators moving to buckets, I created this one-stop resource. With unlimited access to video lessons, sheet music, performance ideas, and much more, membership is an easy choice. Whether the information is for yourself, your children, or your class, I am happy to share my knowledge with you!