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#3 New Bucket!

By Music2 min read

10:40 – 11:40pm


– $1.75 (from two people)

– A couple of “thank you’s.”

-Numb hands because it’s cold

-Hello’s from my new security guard friends.

I got a new bucket with the $5 from last night.
I even splurged and got some duck tape ($7 total).
It didn’t help the amount of money I got tonight though.

I better start thinking of this bucket drumming more as
Practice time than pay. Because that’s what this is turning out to be.

Ya, I’ve only played on a Monday and Tuesday night so far.
But hey, $1.75 is not even minimum wage.

This is  accomplishing some things though:

-I’m getting better at long solos/beats.
Sometimes when I practice it’s just a random mess and nothing
is connected. But I can’t do that if I’m performing.

-I’m playing to a metronome so my sense of playing to it is getting better.

-Getting better at improvisation. I’m making this up as I go.
I noticed I’m repeating things though.

-Practicing my “showy-ness”
I noticed people treat me differently depending on how I look
at them or if I smile or not.

-I’m learning how to learn something new while I perform.
If I mess up I’m not going to stop but repeat the mess up
to make it look like I did that on purpose.

-I’m learning what captures attention.
-getting softer
-going slower
(opposite of what I think sometimes- louder, faster)
I guess getting louder and going faster holds attention
but first you have to capture it (maybe).

And I’m going to start counting phrases and do this
more structured.


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