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Teacher Spotlight: Kemit Price

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“Unexpected Instruments”

Kemit Price and his group, TRANSFORM, at Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, Maryland worked hard to learn both the intermediate and advanced parts to The Little Drummer Boy and performed the piece at their Christmas celebration on December 23. Check out the video at the bottom of the post! He was assisted by adult leaders Leette Greene, Richard Norvell, Jessie Norvell and Jenni Kee.

“The kids were really excited about that, just being able to complete the piece and combine those two parts together,” Mr. Kemit said. “It was pretty complicated but they eventually got it.”

Mr. Kemit said the bucket drums were a perfect fit for his group because they were inexpensive, allowed the students to practice anywhere and also matched the unique style of Bridgeway Church with its graffiti walls, unconventional approach to outreach and focus on inclusivity.

“Our motto is to glorify God with unexpected instruments,” Mr. Kemit said. “[Our church] is very accepting of different types of people and it’s very unorthodox so the bucket drumming fit right into that.”

Mr. Kemit has played drums and keyboard for nearly 30 years and also has a background as a choir director. He said videos helped teach his students music and percussion skills as well as leadership skills.

“[Students learned to] lead, calling out the different cues,” he said. “I found it very rewarding helping kids become leaders and teaching them skills they can use both in the church and outside as well.”


Teacher: Kemit Price
Students: TRANSFORM group at Bridgeway Community Church, Columbia MD
Teacher loved: Tips on cues and methods for calling students back to attention
Student’s loved: Copycat (exercise) and Sammy’s sense of humor


Bucket Drumming Workshop in Kentucky

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Thanks for having me present a bucket drumming session KMEA!

I’m feeling so grateful for the experience and happy I finally got to meet many of you!
Your enthusiasm and warm welcome helped me feel right at home.

I hope to see you all again!

Other schools/organizations –
If you’re interested in having me present for your group please send me a message.


Do you know all 10 of the Bucket Drumming Parts & Equipment Names?

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This lesson describes the 10 names for our bucket drumming equipment and parts.

Do you know all of them?

Here’s the quiz printout.

For this full lesson and more lessons and quizzes like this one,
join the Bucket Drumming Online School


This lesson is meant for the beginning of our bucket drumming journey.

If we don’t know the names of the equipment we use or the parts of the bucket we play, it will make learning and teaching more difficult.

Imagine if I said, “play that thing on that thing.”

It will be hard to understand what I’m talking about unless you see me pointing.

Learning these words is the foundation for communication and thinking for bucket drumming here on.

Happy Drumming & Learning to you!

We Will Rock You – by Queen (Bucket Drumming Cover)

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Start with this song when teaching bucket drumming.

The sheet music and song form is in the Bucket Drumming Online School.
(PLUS, 150 step by step video lessons for learning to bucket drum.)-

This song by Queen is fun, easy and you can build your coordination starting with one rhythm.

The rhythm is the same through the whole song but the sticking changes.

First, we play with the RIGHT HAND.

Next, we play the same thing with the LEFT HAND.

Finally, we use BOTH HANDS for the same rhythm as above.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know how it goes in the comments.


La Bamba – Bucket Drumming Cover

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 Learn this FUN song -> “La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens!

Sheet Music and Song form in the Member’s Area.
Bucket Drumming Online School

So fun!

This might be considered an intermediate level.

Not because of the notes but because of the speed.

At a slowed down level this could be more beginner.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments.


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Bucket Drumming Success

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I love getting emails like this one about the Bucket Drumming Online School.

“I teach music to grade 1-7 students in Port McNeill, BC Canada.

This year I started a bucket drumming program,
mainly due to the affordability of the “instruments”. 

The students instantly loved playing along with the videos and 
had fairly quick success playing well known songs.

This site has an incredible amount of videos and 
downloads and is very well laid out.

I appreciate that Sammy uses traditional music staff and notation. 
I can have the students start to learn the rhythm patterns and counting
and then when we progress to other instruments they already
understand the rhythm concepts.

The program is also easy for me to leave notes for my substitute teachers 
when I’m away and even without musical knowledge the teacher can 
have the students carry on with playing along with Sammy.

My grade 6/7’s just performed a year-end concert, 
playing three of the cover songs from [Sammy’s Bucket Drumming Online School]
and the whole school and parents loved it! Pompeii was an amazing finale!!!

Love this site!!! Highly recommend to any teacher trying to put some music 
and rhythm into their program.

Thanks again for creating this resource!

Kevin Ogren”

If you’re interested to see what’s inside the membership area…
>> Click this <<


P.S. Save 20% on Annual Pass before August 14th 2018.

Quiet Bucket Drumming Tips

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>>Join the Bucket Drumming Online School

One of the biggest challenges when playing bucket drums is their volume level.

Even though they don’t make any noise by themselves it’s easy to play them too loudly.

The video above has a few tips to keep bucket drumming more quiet.

Also, if you have any other tips for quiet bucket drumming that you’d like share leave a comment.

Happy drumming,

Simple Bucket Drumming Song For Valentine’s Day!

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Learn this piece for Valentines Day (Or Because it’s fun & easy!)

>> For more songs and sheet music Join our Bucket Drumming Online School. <<

I simplified the arrangement to only a few parts and kept hands in what I call, “voice leading position.”

Your hands pretty much stay in the same position the entire song.

Part A 

4 Quarter notes right on the down beats.

Right hand on the center. Left hand on the rim.

Right. Left. Right. Left.

Part B

I’ve heard this rhythm be called a “Double Backbeat.”

Makes sense if you know what a back beat is.

Right hand Beat one.

Left hand plays ‘2 &’.

Right hand plays beat 3.

Then, on the last beat, Left hand plays beat 4 and right hand on the ‘& of 4.’

Part C

Left hand holds down the down beats for us on the rim while our right hand plays two up beats: on the ‘& of 3’ and the ‘& of 4.’

Hope you enjoy this!

As always, I love hearing from you.

Leave a comment below and let me know how it goes for you!