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#4 “You’ve Got Some Nice Beats For a White Guy.”

By Music1 min read

Wednesday 10:40pm – 1am

-5 cents

-Made some new friends- Mitch, Josh, Leroy…
And I forgot the other people’s names.

-Jammed with Leroy who plays guitar and sings and
has been busking (playing on the street for tips) for 5 years
while traveling.
-A Lady and her husband bought me and Leroy
chips, cheese sticks, soda and a water.
She said it’s not out of pity but to support fellow human beings.

Then they Jammed on my bucket and Leroy’s guitar.

-Some guy came up to me and said “you’re new. What’s your name?”
I didn’t say anything but kept playing and he said,
“I’ve been here for five years and I’ve never seen you before.
You’ve got some nice beats for a white guy.”

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