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Do you know these 5 Basic Beats?

By Music2 min read

Everyone Who Loves Music Should know These Rhythms By NAME!

Why? Because pretty much *every song has them and it doesn’t take much time to learn them.

<Click Here> for the sheet music to this fun rhythm play along.

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First, we’ll start with the Down beat.

This is where everyone naturally would tap their foot to the music. Also known as the pulse.

Second, we play the Front Beat. This is a term I made up because it needed a name and it’s the opposite of the next one. So, the name fits, as you’ll see.

Back Beat is the third rhythm we go through.

IMPORTANT: When you go to a concert and the band wants you to clap along, most likely, this is rhythm you need to clap. Some people, (not saying any names 😉 ) mistakenly clap on the front beat to music which is…well, backwards. Not a big deal but take a minute to learn this if you haven’t already 🙂

Eighths, otherwise known as eighth notes. This rhythm is taking the downbeat and doubling it. For every downbeat play another beat and you get this one.

And the last one we go through is called, Up Beats. It is the opposite of down beats and it’s counted on the “&’s.” This might be the trickiest of the basic beats, especially when the beat is fast.

Let me know how this goes for you. I’d really love to hear.

Keep on drumming!

Note: When I said, “every song” earlier I meant in 4/4 time signature with 8th or 16th subdivision. Which is 90% or more of pop songs.



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