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Attempt #2 is a Success! …kind of…

By Music2 min read

This time I’m driving down to 6th St. and I roll my window down.
“Man, it’s too cold” I think. “ I should go back home to get a pull-over.”

Then I thought, “I can’t whimp out two times in a row, especially since
this is gonna go on a blog.”

So, I stuck it out and when I parked I saw a fellow bucket drummer
on 5th street.

I asked him how often he does this…his response- “Every time I’m starving.”
I asked “How often is that?” He replied “Every other day.”
He said he got arrested the last week because he was blocking the street
and because he didn’t have a permit.

Great, this is what I’m about to do too. I’m excited now.

It actually wasn’t that bad.

I played two sets that lasted from 11pm -11:40pm.

My first set was interrupted by two security guards
who told me I need to get off the property.
I didn’t mind bc they were nice but they could have at least
waited until I finished my set.


-I learned there’s a couple spots not blocking the sidewalk and
not private property.

-I learned it’s not as scary as I thought. I actually got some good
practice time in too. “Practice in Public” -My new favorite thing to do.

-Recognized one person (bass player I saw play with Scott Laningham
at the Elephant Room last night).

-A few pretty girls smiled at me. (Building ego works too if I don’t get paid)

-Saw two other bucket drummers.
(Both definitely needed the money more than me. Or at least a shower)

-Got FIVE Bucks!

Yay! This will go to pay for the bucket I was braking and a new box!

Mission Accomplished. Kind of.

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