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Bucket Drum Along to “Come Together” by the Beatles

By Music1 min read

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With only 6 parts (one part is to not play for 8 beats!) you can master this famous song by the Beatles.

I had a lot of fun playing along to this song by the way!

The intro rhythm by itself is so recognizable that even non-drummers are able to guess which Beatles song it is.

After you learn that first part the rest will be super easy for you.

A Part – Music Intro/Interlude
B Part – Basic Rock Groove
C Part – Pre-Chorus
D Part – “Come Together”
E Part – Drum Fill
F Part – Rest 2 measures

Watch this video and air drum as you watch.
Then play it and let me know how it goes for you.

I’d love to hear your experience.

Keep drumming,

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