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Bucket Drumming Success

By Music2 min read

I love getting emails like this one about the Bucket Drumming Online School.

“I teach music to grade 1-7 students in Port McNeill, BC Canada.

This year I started a bucket drumming program,
mainly due to the affordability of the “instruments”. 

The students instantly loved playing along with the videos and 
had fairly quick success playing well known songs.

This site has an incredible amount of videos and 
downloads and is very well laid out.

I appreciate that Sammy uses traditional music staff and notation. 
I can have the students start to learn the rhythm patterns and counting
and then when we progress to other instruments they already
understand the rhythm concepts.

The program is also easy for me to leave notes for my substitute teachers 
when I’m away and even without musical knowledge the teacher can 
have the students carry on with playing along with Sammy.

My grade 6/7’s just performed a year-end concert, 
playing three of the cover songs from [Sammy’s Bucket Drumming Online School]
and the whole school and parents loved it! Pompeii was an amazing finale!!!

Love this site!!! Highly recommend to any teacher trying to put some music 
and rhythm into their program.

Thanks again for creating this resource!

Kevin Ogren”

If you’re interested to see what’s inside the membership area…
>> Click this <<


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