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Famous Call And Response Rhythm- “Let’s Go”

By Music2 min read

Click Here for the sheet music.

And Here is the a great resource for even more video lessons and sheet music.

A call and response, like the one above can be used in a couple different ways.

AKA twofer- two for one 🙂

First, teachers/group leaders can use this call and response to get attention/focus.
This is super helpful when there are many people playing instruments or talking at the same time.

You will play the first part and they will answer with the second part.
If they miss it the first time around, play it again.
As you know, it’s best to have everyone’s attention before you move on to the next thing.
Also, this is a lot more fun than telling people, “Shhhh.”

The other way you can use this is in performance pieces.
Either, you can play it or your can invite your audience to join you on the familiar part.

Since this is a famous rhythm, [I think the original from the song “Let’s Go” by the cars, please comment below if know other wise] it helps you connect to your audience.

As audience members, we like familiarity. If we recognize something and it feels right to join in, we will.
This raises with the engagement factor.

Do you know any other famous call and responses?
(hint, I’ve named a few on a different post)

I’d love to hear how and if you use call and responses.





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