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“Imagine” by John Lennon – EASY Bucket Drum Cover

By Music3 min read

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With only 3 measures to learn (not including the first drum fill) you can play along to what the Rolling Stones chose as their #3 from the 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.

Let’s go through it.

There’s the intro fill, which can be optional if it’s too challenging,
and it starts on the upbeat of 3, playing “&A” then rest on 4 then play on “e&”.
The next 3 measure are WAY easier.

Measure A – quarter note, quarter note, two eighth notes, followed by another quarter note. Simple right?!

Notice, the sticking pattern I’m using- right, left, right, right, left. Instead of playing “alternate sticking,” which is r, l, r, l etc. I chose to do the two rights in a row on the center. This is much easier for beginner bucket drummers because they can keep their hands in the same spot.

Next Measure, B– quarter note, then three quarter rests. Super easy! Just count to four.

Last Measure, C– is the most challenging. 2 Quarter notes followed by a doted eighth note, a sixteenth note, then two eighth notes.

If you played my Top 10 Bucket Drumming Beats you’ll notice the back half of the measure is the same rhythm as the reggaeton. The voicing (orchestration) is different, but if you can play the reggaeton pattern you can play this measure. And that might be a good way to practice it if you or students are having a hard time learning that part; Just repeat the reggaeton rhythm.

And I’ve included the sheet music and song form so you can print it out and play along to the song in your time.

Let me know your thoughts!


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If you don’t believe me, I get comments almost every day from people saying how helpful my videos and instructional material are.

Here’s a recent comment.


Thank you so much for posting the two most recent covers. Both of my classes were jamming away to the Adele song today. It’s great because it totally fits my unit on form, demands their attention, and it even has a crescendo in it, part of the other unit that I do on dynamics.  Oh, and the tempo challenge came out the week we were covering tempi.

Yesterday, I had a newer teacher walk in to my class because he heard us working on your cover of Come Together. He stayed for the whole song and was really impressed.

We’re having a lot of fun with these videos and  the sheet music is such an important component to it all.”


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