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Multi-Part Bucket Drumming Groove For Your Group (With Sheet Music)

By Music3 min read

Having multiple people playing one part is the basics to bucket drumming performances. However, adding another part to the mix creates a whole ‘nother dimension. This makes bucket drumming more challenging to play and more fun to listen to (when it works).

Here is the sheet music.

Here is where this video came from. Many more like it inside.

In the tutorial video above, I breakdown the two rhythms into smaller chunks to learn.

Once you’re able to play each part comfortably, then, try having both parts play at the same time.

The KEY to making this work is that each person can play their own part without having to use a ton of brain power.

If they’re having to REALLY concentrate on what exactly they’re playing, then, they won’t have enough mental space to listen and play along with the other part at the same time.

It’s kind of like muscle memory. The more you play the rhythms, the less you have to think about them.
And the less you have to think about them, the more brain power you have to listen to others. So, get VERY familiar with the rhythms before putting them together.

At first look at the two bucket drum rhythms, it seems like the second part is easier. However, this part can be more challenging because there isn’t a steady rhythm the whole time like the first part.

Experiment with who in your bucket drumming ensemble gets what part. It’s beneficial to have both groups of people familiar with both parts though.

You can even experiment by having the first group play constantly then count the 2nd group in for their first measure. Then stop the second group and repeat until they can play that first measure together. Then do the same process for the second measure; starting and stopping the second group until they’re comfortable playing their part with the first group.

Then of course, have them practice the second part all together with them.

Then BOOM! You now have a 2 part groove sounding like butter 🙂 (that’s a good thing).

Please let me know how it goes or if you have any questions.






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