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By Music1 min read

Here is the PDF for “Stick Dance”

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This is the 2nd stick beat of the series in which we’ll add the drum stick sound to our rhythm.

The video above breaks it down in THREE steps…

1. Right-hand starts with quarter notes. This is what makes it a ‘dance’ groove.

2. Add the left hand on the & of beat 4.

3. Then hit the stick on every ‘up beat’ except for the one mentioned above.

To learn more about what an ‘up beat’ is check out my other video, “5 Basic Rhythms Everyone Should Know.”

Also, did you notice where I hit the sticks together?

My left stick hits the right stick about halfway down or even closer to my hand.
This is something to pay attention to because it’s more challenging to a moving stick.

Just be careful not to hit your hand.  🙂

Try this out and comment below to let me know how it goes!


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