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Top 10 #9 Latin Funk

By Music1 min read

X – X –    X X – X    – X X –    X X – –    (Tin Bucket)
O – – X    – –  O O    – – – X     – – O O    (Plastic Bucket)

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This is fun danceable groove.
It’s not easy and it might take some time to learn but
once you get it, you’ll be sure to impress lots of people. 🙂

This beat can be played on one bucket but
I decided to add another bucket for a different timbre
(“tam-ber”- quality of a sound).

Latin + Funk = Latin Funk
This Latin rhythm close to a Cascara pattern.
The only difference is there is an extra note in the cascara pattern
that isn’t played here.

I learned this rhythm from my high school drum line and have
been playing with it ever since.

sheet music coming soon…

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