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Can’t Stop the Feeling – By Justin Timberlake – SUPER EASY Bucket Drum Cover

By Music1 min read

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Here is the easiest bucket drumming cover yet…


-4 Parts in Total-

1st Part- Play on beats 2 and 4 with sticks….
Can you guess the name of this rhythm? I name it in “5 Basic Rhythms Everyone Should Know.
…Comment below if you figured it out.

2nd Part- First 3 beats on the center of the bucket with the right hand. Beats 2 and 4 on the rim with the left hand.

3rd Part- Alternating right, left, right, left… Right hand is on the center, left is on the side of the bucket.

4th and Last Part is the drum fill. Three right hands on the center of the bucket.

Easy schmeezy! And they’re all rights because it sets it up for the next part, which is the same except you just add your left hand playing back beats on the rim (2 & 4).

As always, leave a comment with some feedback! I love hearing from you even if it’s short.



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