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“Seven Nation Army” Bucket Drum Cover

By Music2 min read

Bucket Drumming Sheet Music >> Click Here

Here’s another easy bucket drum cover video.
It’s been in the membership area for a few months now but I decided to release it today because I haven’t posted on the blog in a while. (I’m posting every week in the member’s area though! Check it out.)

4 Easy Bucket Drum Parts

We have Four different Parts. Let’s go over them, shall we?

Part A – 4 Quarter Notes on the center of the bucket with our right hand. Simple right?

Part B – This time we add our left hand to the rim on the “back beat.”

Part C – We keep our right hand on the down beat and left hand now plays the rim on the first beat of the measure.

Part D – This is the only slight challenge to this song. There are 4 measures, three of them are the same. This measure is alternating sticking (right, left, right, left) quarter notes; right hand on the center and left hand on the rim.

The third measure of this 4 measure part is the one that’s different. It plays two quarter notes (right on center, left on the rim). Then you play either a tresillo or three quarter note triplets. Explaining it sounds much more difficult than it actually is.

And I say you can play either the quarter note triplets or a tresillo pattern because this half of the measure is so fast and subtle that most people won’t even hear the difference.

And the song form is attached with the sheet music at the top under the video for you to play along to!

If you like this video, please let me know by commenting and/or joining the membership area.

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