Bucket Drum to “Rolling in the Deep” with Adele (Easy & CLEAN VERSION)

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*update- looks like this video is blocked in some countries like Canada & Australia because of Adele’s copyright. 🙁 sorry about that!

*Update- I re-uploaded this song as a clean version.

Click here >> for the bucket drumming sheet music.

Click here >> to Join the Bucket Drumming Online School.

Just like the Beatles song from the last post, there are only 6 different parts (not including resting) to bucket drum along to this song by Adele.

You’ll also notice that 3 of these rhythms are from included in my other video, 5 Basic Rhythms Everyone Should Know.

Can you guess which ones they are from the song form below?

A Part – Rest
B Part – Down Beat
C Part – 8ths
D Part – Basic Rock Groove
E Part – Down Beat on the rim and the center of the bucket
F Part – Back Beat
G Part – 8ths again but on rim and center of the bucket

Let me know how it goes for you!

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