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Bucket Drum to “Rolling in the Deep” with Adele (Easy & CLEAN VERSION)

By Music2 min read

*update- looks like this video is blocked in some countries like Canada & Australia because of Adele’s copyright. 🙁 sorry about that!

*Update- I re-uploaded this song as a clean version.

Click here >> for the bucket drumming sheet music.

Click here >> to Join the Bucket Drumming Online School.

Just like the Beatles song from the last post, there are only 6 different parts (not including resting) to bucket drum along to this song by Adele.

You’ll also notice that 3 of these rhythms are from included in my other video, 5 Basic Rhythms Everyone Should Know.

Can you guess which ones they are from the song form below?

A Part – Rest
B Part – Down Beat
C Part – 8ths
D Part – Basic Rock Groove
E Part – Down Beat on the rim and the center of the bucket
F Part – Back Beat
G Part – 8ths again but on rim and center of the bucket

Let me know how it goes for you!

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  • Michelle Knerr says:

    I used the link from the email you sent but the video says I do not have permission. Wondering if I need to something else? Would love to see and show my Middle School students.

    • SAM says:

      Looks like the video is blocked in some countries because of copyright issues.

      However, you can still download the sheet music and play along to her song.
      You’ll just miss me being a little silly in the video. No biggie.


  • Rebecca says:

    Hi Sammy

    First of all thanks for your regular emails and inspiring bucket drumming videos. I use these regularly with my Middle School classes. They love them!

    Just thought I would let you know that the Adele video is blocked in Australia too…

    Looking forward to the next post.

    Kind regards


    • SAM says:

      Thanks for commenting and I’m glad to hear your kids love them!

      Also, thanks for letting me know about Australia’s policy. I added it to the update.

      G’day! 🙂

  • samantha says:

    Thanks for this! My grades 1-5 students loved this! I can’t wait to do more with them!! 😀


  • Joe Austin says:

    Enjoy your posts!

  • Joe Austin says:

    Very fun. Enjoy your posts!

  • Joe Austin says:

    Awesome resources. Will definitely be used.

  • Greg McDonald says:

    Is my 7 year old daughter old enough to learn this method?


    • SAM says:

      Hey Greg,

      Thanks for your question.
      To me, age isn’t as important to determine start as much as interest/attention.

      If she’s tries it and likes it that’s a great indicator she’s ready.
      It’s never too early or late to start learning.

      Hope this helps!

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